The Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden does not receive government funding and is entirely supported by revenues from visitors, sales and garden services, your kind donations and grants from private and public organizations.

A major component to develop our project is to create an ecotourism complex of the highest standard, and to integrate a first class resort adjoining the garden. We are now seeking interested parties to advance on this part of our development and are offering 1,47 hectare of the property for sale or lease. The resort property is prime waterfront location and totally independent from garden operations (please see attached map of garden and property), but may also benefit from shared services with the garden eg regular boat shuttle to town. The proposed resort development should be in synthesis in design and ethos to the natural and garden environment around the property and Luang Prabang Heritage requirements.

We are especially interested in proposals that include development of spa, health treatments and well-being programs to create synergy with the gardens goals and focus.

For all further information please contact the general director Rik Gadella. / Or call at 020 – 22 54 08 88

Professional Services