Tours & Activities

Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden offers a collection of tours, workshops and activities for visitors ! Every day free activities can be enjoyed in the garden. When visiting the garden, be sure to ask the staff about these fun free activities. We also offer additional tours and workshops. Below is a list of our offerings:

Garden Excursion

Our general excursion is designed with great flexibility to cater to any schedule or personal taste. The garden excursion starts with a leisurely 15-minute boat ride down the Mekong. Once you enter the garden the itinerary is entirely up to you. Enjoy the picturesque gardens, join in a free activity, hike to the Buddha cave, read a book by the Mekong, sip a tea by the lotus pond, or shop in our social responsible gift shop. We want you to enjoy the gardens as much as us.
To book a garden excursion please contact:

Botanical Drawing Workshop by Magda Korotynska
Available 15 October 2017 till end January 2018

Turn your visit to PTK into a creative experience with watercolours, under the professional guidance of our resident professional botanical illustrator/artist Magda Korotynska. Boat departure from our in-town reception at 9am. After the workshop and lunch you are free to spend the rest of your time in the garden and take any of our return boats (last one 5.30pm). Numbers are limited so you can be sure of individual attention, and Boat, tea break, lunch and materials are all included.

About the artist – Magda Korotynska

Magda Korotynska is an artist/illustrator with a master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. After moving to Sweden in 1982 she continued her work on a freelance basis with numerous different projects, such as illustrations for children’s books, educational materials, fact books, advertising and magazines.She participated in many group and individual exhibitions in Sweden, Poland and Germany. For a number of years she painted botanical illustrations for the National Key, which had the ambition to present Sweden’s entire flora and fauna in book form in about 100 books ! During 2015-2017 she spent several months in Laos working on illustrations for two children’s books written by Melody Kemp: “Big T’s song” and “Surfing the hills”.

From 9am to 1:30pm (2,5hrs instruction, 1hr lunch) $100pax (min 4 / max 10 people)

Kuang Si Waterfalls or Pak Ou Caves and Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden

Kuang Si Waterfalls: Enjoy a full day excursion with a visit of the Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden and after lunch cruise down the Mekong to visit Kuang Si Waterfall and the Butterfly Park. This excursion is a great combination of the two most important natural sites in Luang Prabang, a cocktail of education and leisure.

Pak Ou Buddha Cave: Enjoy a full-day excursion with a morning cruise up the Mekong to the Pak Ou Buddha Cave followed by a lunch and visit of the Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden. This excurrsion is a great combination of the two most important sites in Luang Prabang, a cocktail of nature and culture.

Minimum 2 / maximum 20 people.
To book the full day excursion contact:

Pha Tad Ke Mountain Trek

  • For the Pha Tad Ke Mountain Trek, the boat departs our downtown reception at 9am. Enjoy a leisurely boat trip of approximately 15 minutes down the Mekong River. Upon arrival join the staff in the reception area for a welcome presentation. After a short preparation for the hike, the tour will start ascending the mountain. The hike boasts stunning views of the Mekong and a visit to the Pha Tad Ke Cave. Take in the views from the top and enjoy a picnic lunch. The descent is on the opposite side of the mountain, offering different but similarly stunning views. Return to the garden and enjoy a refreshing complimentary ice tea. Afterwards you are free to stroll the gardens or return to town at your leisure.
    Minimum 2 / maximum 10 people.
    To book the Pha Tad Ke mountain trek contact:

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Botanical Field Trip on the Mekong

This tour starts at 9:00am, where you will meet our trained Botanist at the Pha Tad Ke downtown reception. There you will prepare for your trip before the boat departs at 9:30am. Once the boat launches you will head downstream and stop off at multiple destinations to learn about Lao botany. A beautiful picnic lunch will be enjoyed in the shade at mid-day. After lunch the boat will return up stream to Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden. Upon arriving at Pha Tad Ke you will be presented with a refreshing glass of ice tea. To finish the tour enjoy a walk around Pha Tad Ke at your leisure, with the opportunity to identifying plants, you may have seen earlier in the day, before heading back to Luang Prabang.
Minimum 2 / maximum 6 people.
To book the Pha Tad Ke botanical field trip please contact:

Photography Workshop

For the Photography workshop the boat departs at 7:00am from Pha Tad Ke downtown reception to catch the morning light. Enjoy a leisurely boat trip of approximately 15 minutes down the Mekong River. Once you arrive at Pha Tad Ke Botanical Garden join the lead photographer in landscape photographs of the garden uninhibited by other guest. As other guest start to arrive the photographer will turn away from landscape photography and work on other techniques and photography styles. Enjoy a delicious set lunch, before finishing the tour with a stroll of the garden at your leisure.
Minimum 2 / maximum 10 people.
To book the photography workshop please contact: