Special Sponsorships

Members can increase their involvement in the creation of Pha Tad Ke by supporting our special projects:

Adopt a tree: from 50$ to 2.000$
Planting a tree is only the beginning, it must then be cared for. Love your tree and adopt a seedling or a mature tree. Click here to see our tree list. Full Tree Catalog

Sponsor a Book party: 300$
Sponsor visits to the gardens for groups of children or students, who will spend a day learning about our work and plants. The package includes transport to the garden and lunch. At the end of the day, every participant will receive a copy of our specially designed books for Lao children and students

Adopt a bench: 500$
Have your name immortalized with a donor plaque on one of our benches.

Sponsor a post-doc research post: 2.500$ for one year
Given the heavy workload at the universityd, there is little time left for doing research projects. With this grant Pha Tad Ke wants to support a Lao a post doc researcher to do work for one year on a topic chosen in consultation with Pha Tad Ke.

Sponsor a student: 1.500$ per year for 2 or 3 years
In collaboration with local college (2 years) and university (3 years), Pha Tad Ke has set up a grant for the best first-year students we need financial support. At the end of the first year of study, the winning student will be offered a scholarship that will allow them to continue their studies. In exchange, the recipient will be required to do a one-month work placement at the garden during summer recesses and to work at the garden for one year at the end of his/her studies.

Sponsor our field trips: 6.000$
In collaboration with international botanical gardens, we carry out an ambitious program of field trips to gather specimens for a collection of living plants that will be unique in Laos. Each trip will require a substantial investment in time and money but this work is imperative, as it will form the very foundations of future research in the flora of Laos and its conservation. With your donation we will be able to do six fieldtrips.

Sponsor a building: from 10.000$
Pha Tad Ke has opened to the public, but our work is just starting and we have an ambitious program of building work that has to be undertaken to house our collections and staff, and provide better facilities for visitors. Sponsor a building and we will name if after you !
• Nurseries 10.000$
• Traveller’s Garden 15.000$
• Orchid House 20.000$
• Permaculture Training Centre 25.000$
• Student and Intern Dormitory 50.000$
• Medicinal Plant Centre 75.000$
• Offices 150.000$
• Artists Studio 200.000$
• Library and Herbarium 300.000$

If you are interested in our sponsorship program please contact us at contact@pha-tad-ke.com