Some Key Numbers

Here’s some of what we have achieved, in numbers, since we began our project to create the first botanical garden in Laos in 2008:

  • 14 books published
  • 30,000 copies of our books distributed free of charge to Lao schools and libraries
  • 2,000 school children have visited PTK as part of organized garden excursions, and over 600 university and college students
  • 12 school gardens installed with teacher training programs
  • 120 plus botanical fieldtrips undertaken
  • 1,500 different plant and tree species in our living collections
  • 2,500 staff training days organized in Laos and over 900 staff training days completed internationally
  • 8 scholarships given to Lao students
  • 68 workshops given to Lao college and university students in Field botany, Green horticulture, Ecology, Management coaching, Photography and Botanical Drawings
  • 22 art exhibitions organized in Laos and internationally
  • 32 articles in the press, 17 blogs, 5 radio interviews and 3 TV documentaries featuring PTK
  • 52 staff working in the garden
  • 10 hectares of garden open to the public, 2 hectares of work area/nurseries and 25 hectares of mountain reserve